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The Department of Celebrations of the Hon. Santoña City Council announces the COMPETITION TO SELECT THE ANNOUNCING POSTER OF THE 2023 CARNIVALS.


FIRST: Any natural person without age limit can participate. The poster must be unpublished and its design may not have been presented in any other contest or selected as an image for any other poster. The theme will be of free choice, sticking to one or several reasons for the Marinero Carnival.

SECOND: The criteria for choosing the poster will be: draw attention, generate visibility, interest and desire to attend the Santoña Carnival 2023.

THIRD: The presentation size will be 50 cm wide by 60 cm high.

QUARTER:The text that should appear on the poster with preference will be: "Santoña", "Carnival", "2023" and the dates of celebration "from February 3 to 25" in the order in which the author estimates. It must also appear, secondarily, the text: "Fiesta de Interés Turístico”.

FIFTH: The technique for making the poster will be freely chosen by the author and provided by him/her, as long as it allows it to be reproduced in real size through offset printing.

SIXTH : The posters participating in this contest will be presented within a period of TWENTY (20) calendar days from the publication of the announcement in the Official Gazette of Cantabria.The
maximum number of posters presented per contestant will be 2 posters.

SEVENTH:The works selected by the jury will remain in the hands of the Santoña City Council, who reserves all rights over them. In the event that any third party claimed total or partial rights to any poster presented by the participants of the call, the City Council of Santoña would be exonerated from any responsibility.

EIGHTH: The prize will be €1,000 for the winner (subject to the corresponding withholdings)

NINTH:The Department of Celebrations of the City Council of Santoña, will appoint a Jury made up of the members of the Celebrations Commission, as well as other people outside said Commission freely designated by the President of the Commission who will make a first sieve choosing the 3 most important posters voted, taking place in the first 5 calendar days following the end of the presentation of the works Later, anyone who wants to can go to the Tourist Office, located on Calle Santander to cast their vote choosing among these three the poster winner. The days to be able to vote will be the first 5 business days following the completion of the first screening and only one vote per person will be allowed. The next business day, a Celebration Commission will be held,

TENTH: The posters will be delivered to the Santoña Town Hall Registry, by hand or by post to:
             -Santoña Town Hall. Att.: Municipal Registry (Carnival Poster Contest 2023)”
Delivery via e-mail to the e-mail address is also allowed: 
             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
JPG file format, at a resolution of 72 dpi, in RGB color mode, at actual size. The posters must be anonymous (without a signature) and preferably presented on a rigid support (foamboard). The author's data: name and surnames, address, telephone, e-mail and a description of the poster, must be attached in a separate sealed envelope that will be stuck behind the poster. All this, poster and envelope, wrapped.

ELEVENTH: The authors of the posters may not in any way reveal their authorship by any means (analog, digital, or social networks). If the case were to occur, said work would be automatically disqualified, following a file carried out by the Department of Celebrations.

TWELFTH: The authors of the three posters selected by the jury must provide a file of the same in JPG format, at a resolution of 300 dpi, in CMYK color mode, at real size, within two days following the selection of the posters. posters by the jury and after communication with the authors. In the event that the poster has been presented in physical format, it will only be necessary for the winner to provide the corresponding file with sufficient characteristics to be printed in real size by means of offset printing.

THIRTEENTH: Participation in the call implies the express consent of the participants so that the City Council of Santoña can use their name, surnames and images of their posters to make communications and exhibitions about the contest. As well as, the right is reserved for the purpose of its use for advertising purposes for its publication, both on the web and on the social networks of the Santoña City Council.

FOURTEENTH: Protection of Personal Data: In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, the personal data that the participants voluntarily consent to provide, due to their participation in the call, will only be They will be used for the requested purpose and will not be incorporated into any file for commercial purposes.

FIFTEENTH: Participation in this call implies acceptance of its regulatory bases as well as the Jury's decision. Incidents arising in the application of these rules will be resolved by the Department of Festivities of the Santoña City Council.

Santoña, October 26, 2022


Sergio Abascal Azofra


Source:  Official Gazette of Cantabria