The chirigota of Santoña returns to the falla in 2022

The chirigota of Santoña will once again participate in COAC 2022, as it was announced on its social networks ...

 .... A pandemic, floods, a volcanic eruption, ... we cannot allow the world to end without rejoining our hearts. For this reason, from the Cádiz neighborhood of Santoña we are pleased to announce that for COAC 2022, La chirigota de Santoña will once again step on the tables of the sacred temple with the name of “Fariña de mis ojos”.

As surprises never come alone, nervousness and desire multiply exponentially because we will do it with the musical authorship of the great José María Barranco Cabrera “El Lacio”. Can life make us smile more?!?!?!

Cupcake, we miss you so much !!! See you in less than a chorus lasts !!!

Listen to his interview on radio Santoña

Source: Facebook La chirigota de santoña


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