10 Murgas will participate in the Santoña 2022 murgas contest

Once the registration period for the 2022 Santoña Carnival Murgas contest has ended, a total of 10 murgas have formalized their registration.

This year the "La Santoñissima" murga who will not participate in the contest but are preparing a street scene to be on the street during carnival 2022, the "Los encerraos" murga, who have already announced it, will be Low compared to last year.

during his participation in 2020 and the murga of "Finally together".

Therefore, the inscribed costumes are the following:

Murga Artistas.

Murga Frágile.

Murga Los Galipoteros.

Murga Los Canallas.

Murga Las Santas.

Murga Las Marchosas.

Murga Amigos de Chechu.

Murga Los Maky "s.

- Murga the Girls.

 and the participation of  a new female murga:

- Murga Las Soberanas.

The draw to set the order of performance will be next Monday, December 20, at 8:00 p.m. in the Plenary Hall of the Santoña City Council.


Source: facebook turismo Santoña


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